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Keep up the pressure on the Company through mobilization?for the first time in weeks, some progress has been made at the bargaining table.
Members in the field remain the key to getting the Company to bargain a fair contract. There are so many different actions that you could be participating in (and perfect to bring the kids). Make sure you are doing your part.
Our members pride themselves on the level of quality customer service they provide for our customers; we demonstrate that with every interaction while maintaining focus on safety. If you witness any unsafe working conditions or OSHA violations, report them to your Local Stewards or Officers. You can also contact OSHA directly and then notify your Local Union. Make sure your safety and protective gear is functioning properly.
Locals have been spreading the work in our communities at golf tournaments, major league baseball games, street festivals, outdoor concerts, summer fairs, farmers markets, etc. Anywhere people are gathered, we should be
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