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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #55

Bargaining Report #55 - Legacy T - June 12, 2012
The Union and Company Teams met in formal session for most of today. We were able to TA a number of items and some advances were made. A new ?Consumer Common Interest Committee? was negotiated to deal with high level leadership on the key issues facing our members in Consumer offices. A new bi-lingual differential was agreed to that will begin to compensate our members who use that skill. An improvement was made in the holiday language. The Company did not meet its original goal of eliminating JOG and that language was TA?ed with one small change.
Informal discussions are continuing on pensions late this afternoon.
The teams will meet again tomorrow morning.
When the company entered the bargaining room today their chairs were covered in shirts that had been sent to us by Local 7250. Dozens of members had written on company branded shirts in magic marker ? ?Off-shoring the American dream, One Job at a Time,? Leave our Healthcare Alone? and ?AT&T = Always Ta
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