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Ryan Plan Raises Middle Class Taxes, Cuts Social Programs, Enriches Wealthy

On Tuesday January 25th, House Republicans will debate and vote on instructing House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R ? Wis.) to cut non-security discretionary spending back to fiscal year 2008 levels or less. Cutting non-security discretionary spending is one part of Chairman Ryan?s budget vision, as detailed in his ?Roadmap for America?s Future,? which he argues is a desirable alternative to the federal government?s present fiscal path. In January 2010, the incoming House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R.-Wis.) presented ?A Roadmap for America?s Future,? in which he proposed drastic policy changes with the stated goal of ?putting the nation on a sustainable fiscal course? (Ryan 2010, iv). If enacted, Ryan?s Roadmap would dismantle social insurance programs, raise taxes on the middle class, and transfer wealth from the middle class to corporations and millionaires.
Recent deficit reduction proposals, including those from President Obama?s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (

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