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Preliminary Report of the CWA Constitution Committee To The 77th Convention 2019 (#5 Article XI Executive Board - Elimination Of The Vice President of Telecom & Technology Position)


L – 007

June 7, 2019

To: All CWA T&T Local Presidents and Staff

Re: Constitution Committee Preliminary Report


We are aware of the Constitution Committee's preliminary report (#5 Article IX-Executive Board - Elimination of T&T Vice President From Executive Board) . We respect the democratic process; the Convention is the highest authority in our Union. Our work is valuable and we believe there is a clear misunderstanding of the scope of the work done in our office. No matter the outcome, we will always fight for the Independent Telecoms and the National Contracts in our office to have strong representation and a strong voice in our Union.

We remain committed to the membership to continue to serve, support and fight for your rights.


Lisa M. Bolton, Vice President

CWA Telecommunications & Technologies


opeiu-2, afl-cio

PS: QUESTIONS/COMMENTS - Sylvia Chapman, President CWA Local 4250/CTU #16 [email protected]

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