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The PPMWS has tried to reach an amicable resolution with Chris Shelton and have worked tirelessly to that end. As shown, we have put forth several different resolutions in an attempt to reach such accord. However, it becomes a never-ending pursuit when his reasons are constantly moving when seeking change. First it’s about saving money – so we go down that path and offer solutions; then it’s about not providing proper service to the members – so we go down that path; then it’s about the Union Printers Home Foundation (which is and has been a separate entity apart from CWA, see Merger Agreement #17), the pension lawsuit, and golden parachutes. The bogey is constantly changing so a resolution cannot be attained.

It appears very suspect with the timing of the pension plan amendment and declaration by the trustees that the PPMWS was going to dissolve “on or before” the end of 2018, and Shelton’s call for a Special Convention; suspect that he states it’s about saving money, but rejects the offer of the PPMWS paying more than $100k per year; suspect that it’s then about right sizing and the overlapping of duties, along with saving money, but creates “meaningful employment for the three existing CWA employees in PPMWS;” and so many other conflicting comments and positions Shelton has made and/or taken. Maybe the realization is that he doesn’t want a resolution, and his reasons and accusations continue to change to deflect from the real objective. You decide…

The following timeline, the commentaries, and related documents are being made available to everyone with the freedoms of speech and information at the forefront. Our members and the general public should demand complete openness from their leaders and should not shy away from exercising their rights or challenging anything they are told. Without the information to start our debate, we can be easily misdirected. People should always be able to question their leaders, whether in labor, government, or otherwise, and hold them accountable. These very principles are what the United States was created on.

As leaders, we need to lead by example and practice what we preach. If we don’t, how can we ask others to do what we aren’t willing to do ourselves. There are indisputable rights in the CWA/PPMWS Merger Agreement and, the directive to secure such rights when needed. These rights are further guaranteed under the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 (the “LMRDA”). Whereas, it has been long established that the overriding objective of the LMRDA, to promote union democracy, would be thwarted if at any time union members concluded they could not challenge the union's hierarchy. We all have a freedom of speech and just as importantly, when needed, a freedom to sue.

When examining the items below, ask yourself who’s next; what Sector or what District. Will it be T & T; NABET; District 7 or District 4; the TNG or PHEW? Is it the overall goal to create “super districts,” so authority cannot be challenged and only held in a small group of hands, by right sizing? Diminish democracy between the leaders and the rank and file? All the while, making false claims or assertions to deflect the true motives - scheming in a Machiavellian way. These are some of the questions that we cannot shy away from or fear from expressing.

So here is the timeline. Please take the time to not only read it, but also read the associated documents. Resolution is always preferred over discord, and we have diligently worked to that end. Unfortunately, there has been no agreement reached and we must now enforce our rights. We truly wish that our deliberations would have been more productive, but we are merely reactionary to the very conditions we are presented with.


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