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CWA PRESS RELEASE FOR VETERANS DAY 2018: Our Veterans Make Us Strong

Veterans Day 2018 Statement From CWA President Chris Shelton:

This Veterans Day our nation must renew its commitment to honoring our veterans instead of using them as props for political games.

At a time when the President and Republican political leaders should be focused on strengthening our veterans' health care system, they are outsourcing the responsibility by pushing veterans into the private marketplace with fewer resources for the help they need and deserve from our nation.

At a time when the President and those same Republican political leaders should be protecting veterans from fraud and abuse at the hands of the big banks , they are instead blocking veterans from joining together to fight back against being cheated.

At a time when the President and Republican leaders should be doing everything they can to help veterans find good, well-paying jobs in their communities , they are continuing to award federal contracts to companies that send good jobs offshore and they are providing tax incentives that encourage companies to send even more jobs overseas.

And at a time when our government should be supporting programs that veterans and their families depend on , the budget that the President and Republican leaders have proposed cuts critical programs like Medicare and Medicaid, in order to give big tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

As a proud Air Force veteran, I salute the thousands of CWA members and retirees who are veterans for their service. You make our union, and our country, strong.



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