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CWA Local 4250 Is Requesting All AT$T Members To CANCEL Your Payroll Deduction To United Way of Metro Chicago And Conribute OnLine As An Individual Until AT$T Negotiates A Fair Contract That Meets The Needs Of All AT$T Members!

We understand how important our members money is to Metro Chicago nonprofit organizations. However, we ask our AT&T members to contribute to the United Way of Metro Chicago, as individuals, until AT&T negotiates a fair contract that meets our member’s needs.

(Please Donate Online As An Individual Below)

AT&T looks good in the eyes of the community because of the generous donations of workers, including thousands of CWA members under the Legacy T and Midwest Labor Agreements.  It’s time that our communities understand that it isn’t AT&T the corporation making those contributions; it’s the hard working employees, many Union members, who actually make those donations possible.

AT&T also takes credit for the hundreds of hours of community service CWA members do on our own time.  We will encourage our members to continue volunteering, but ask them not to report their volunteer hours to the company. 

We make the company look good in the eyes of the public and in return for all we do for AT&T every day, we are asking for the respect at the bargaining table that we deserve.   

If the company is willing to get back to the bargaining table before the close of the giving campaign to negotiate a fair labor agreement that meets our members’ needs, including job security and affordable healthcare, we will ask our members to sign in and resume their charitable contributions through payroll deductions. 

Stand in Solidarity with CWA

Liz VanDerWoude, President
CWA Local 4250


When you give directly to United Way, you join an exceptional group of go-getters, problem solvers and difference makers. United, we take on our region’s biggest challenges and we couldn’t do it without people like you.

Chicagoans have great love for their neighborhoods across the city and suburbs. There is plenty to celebrate and we have so many reasons to be proud. But there are serious issues impacting many of our neighbors that are easy to ignore when you’re not faced with them daily—high rates of violence, failing schools, high unemployment and lack of access to quality healthcare. United Way of Metro Chicago is working to change the statistics.

Together with thousands of volunteers, supporters and advocates, we are building stronger neighborhoods by finding solutions, supporting programs and fighting for the health, education, financial stability and safety of every person in every neighborhood. DONATE To the United Way of Metro Chicago as an individual ONLINE:


It's time for Congress to launch an investigation to find out what happened to the billions of dollars of our money that they gave away to AT$T and other corporations that are cutting jobs.

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