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May 29, 2015 - Supplemental CWA District 4/AT&T Midwest Contract Bargaining Report Q&A

This is a series of “Q and A” for the CWA/at&t Midwest Contract. The contract covers thousands of members in hundreds of titles and locations. Taking that into consideration, it is recommended that members look at the Q&A’s concerning the contract they work under (in our case the Midwest agreement), as to avoid any conflicting information from other contracts or inaccurate information from other sources. It is important that members evaluate the provisions of the entire agreement when considering their ratification vote.

  1. Why doesn’t the Company negotiate for current retirees?

Current retiree issues, by law, are a permissive subject of bargaining and not a mandatory subject of bargaining. This simply means that both sides have to agree to negotiate over those issues. The Union Bargaining Team constantly demands to bargain for retireesand, of course, the Company refuses. In this round of bargaining, the Committee –with the help of our District Vice President – was successful in getting the Company (outside the formal bargaining process) to commit to funding the HRAs in 2016 for Medicare eligible retirees at the same level as 2015. Non-Medicare eligible retirees will continueto have benefits available to them at the same level as current employees. The Company also committed to discuss them with the Union for future years.

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