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CWA District 4 and T/T Sector Reach Tentative Contracts With AT&T Midwest and AT$T Legacy T

Bargaining Report 74 Legacy T July 21, 2012
Your Legacy T Bargaining Team was back at the table with the company again this morning and a Tentative Agreement was achieved at about 11:30.
Our Team feels it was able to make some real improvements for our members and held back most of the Company?s plans to take away hard-fought gains we had won over the years. We will be holding contract explanation with the Local Presidents on Friday and ballots and full details of the tentative agreement with be provided for every member.
The T and T office and the full bargaining team join in sadness over the tragic death of District 4 Vice President Seth Rosen. He was working with our team just hours before his death pushing with us to get the best possible contract for our members. He was a tireless fighter for justice for his whole life and he will be greatly missed.
We are committed to continue to work with Districts 1, 9 and 3 to ensure that every CWA member gets a fair agreement.
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