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CWA-Legacy T Bargaining Report #51

Bargaining Report 51 Legacy T May 30, 2012
The bargaining team returned from their Memorial Day trip home anxious to get back to the bargaining table. Today was spent reviewing all of our outstanding issues and where we and the Company have moved on each one. While progress has been made on several issues we are still far apart on Health Care, Job Security, Pensions, and Quota Relief for our call center members, therefore we will still far from an agreement.
Vice President Maly will be holding a call on Tuesday, June 5 at 7:00 PM for all Legacy T members to discuss bargaining issues and the need for increased mobilization activity. Some Locals are doing a lot; other less so. We need a consistently high level of mobilization in EVERY Local.
Details on the call will follow later in the week.
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