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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #29

In an attempt to bring some fairness to these negotiations, this morning our CWA bargaining Team presented a comprehensive package to the Company. As we have said, the Company has been very clear in telling us what problems of theirs they want us to fix and have been completely unresponsive to our issues.
Today we presented a package which includes:
? A substantial wage increases for all employees
? Pension improvements
? A small increase in health care cost share as part of a complete Health Care package that is substantially different than the Company?s proposal
? A multi-faceted proposal on employment security
? Successorship language
The Company?s only proposal was to change their demand from double-time for overtime only after 16 hours of overtime to 14 hours. Originally they proposed eliminating double time completely.
Bargaining is currently in recess as we continue to work on our issues and the Company, hopefully, is working on a response to ours.
Locals around the country are planning activ
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