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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #27

Bargaining Report #27 Legacy T April 5, 2012
Despite a very extensive presentation by the Union last week on quality problems with contractors doing Construction Tech work and a proposal that would both address those issues and bring more jobs back into the bargaining unit, AT&T flatly rejected our proposal. They continue to ignore our need to protect our work and allow our members to do jobs we are perfectly capable of doing ? and do it better ? just to protect their so-called ?flexibility.? They also rejected a proposal to move our CSDG Assemblers into Article 41, which is much more reflective of the work they do, than the other titles in Article 36 where they now reside.
The Union made several proposals. After two rejections of our demands to move people now under the Cash Balance Account into the traditional pension plan, the Union made a third proposal today which would increase the payout and bring some more fairness to our members covered under the CBA . VP Maly emphasized, ?We have listened since th
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