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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #26

It is remarkable that with only three full days of bargaining left before expiration, the company arrived at the table with ONE proposal. They made some movement on a demand the Union made on Personnel Records. Then they rejected a Union proposal that would have brought a little fairness to Union Representatives who are denied FMLA coverage because of their unpaid Union time. This would not cost the company ONE DIME but they would not budge.
After the formal session we met in subcommittees on subcontracting, absence and home garaging.
In addition, they still have not responded to a Union request for information on how much the Company will save with their outrageous Health Care proposal. They probably had a gang of economists working to come up with the phony charts they showed us on day-one (remember the one that said our call center representatives make $67,000 a year and will get 116% of that as retirement income?). Now that WE need information to respond to their proposal, they cannot come up with the f
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