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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #7

Then it got even worse ? they proposed removing our employment security letter which, among other things, does not allow the Legacy T employment level to drop to less than 4200 employees and limits involuntary layoffs. They want to eliminate JOG, which has saved many of our members from unemployment. They came after the ?variable workforce? language in Article 43 (taking out language that keeps them from using contractors for ongoing full time work extending over 6 months) and the ?watermark? which protects jobs in that Article.
Basically they want to take away every Job Security protection we have bargained in the last two contracts.
We say we are Fighting for the American Dream. The Company proposals are just the opposite. They are going after education, days off, job security, and basic benefits.
Be angry. There is a chant we use on our picket lines, ?They say cut back; we say fight back.? That?s just what we need to do. Fight back. Mobilize.
Legacy T Bargaining Team

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