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*THE AMPERSAND DIARIES* - AT$T And The Life Lessons Learned From The Trenches Of An American Icon - Authored By: ******* Mr. John Spiller - Published October 11, 2011 *******

Download Acknowledgment Pages and Chapter Three - "The Eternal Conflict"(An Excellent History Of CWA's Fight Against AT$T And Corporate Greed - A MUST READ). Also, live links to purchase book. Printed With Permission From Author: John Spiller- "A deep thank you goes out to the Communications Workers of America and the members of its respective locals across the United States. Because of your unremitting efforts, the occupational workforce at AT&T continues to keep the telecom above ground just as it has for decades. And a special thanks goes to former CWA Local 4250 President Steve Tisza in Chicago, Illinois and current Local 1298 President William Henderson in Hamden, Connecticut for taking time to talk during my research process."

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