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"What is particularly troublesome about the message currently being presented in the media, and espoused by some politicians, is the conscious effort to avoid, rather than address and correct, the real problems that we face. Selling the public on a notion that public-sector benefits and wages cause local and state financial shortfalls is disingenuous.
The common thread in local and state budgetary shortfalls is dwindling tax revenue, job losses to the community, municipal investment shortfalls and home foreclosures. Eliminating frontline workers and civil servants who provide critical services to the public will not provide the solution promised. Often it is a promise of future prosperity that never materializes but instead results in less service and accountability to the taxpayers. It is hard to understand how the egregious and criminal acts of the banking industry, insurance giants, mortgage sector and Wall Street corporate gamblers have been so quietly swept under the rug, while principalities of greed s

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