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H-1 B Visa Scandal In New Orleans, Louisianna

A new H-1B scandal is making the news -- this time it involves H-1B
teachers from the Philippines that were hired to work in the Recovery
School District in New Orleans.

The story begins in 2007 with a Louisiana school superintendent that
claimed he was having trouble filling about 650 teaching jobs in New
Orleans. He said he was going to "cast a broad net" to recruit new
teachers. He did indeed cast a broad net -- it went all the say to the

Soon after teacher shortages were announced, Louisiana school officials
started taking all expense paid trips to Manila to find teachers that would
work in New Orleans. The school district didn't hire the foreign teachers
directly however -- they used a bodyshop named Universal Placement
International, who used H-1B visas to import the labor. Download Entire JobDestruction Newsletter by Rob Sanchez in PDF format.

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