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The AT&Tack On Middle Class Jobs Is No Idol Threat!

Join the Communications Workers of America (CWA) for a candlelight march on Thursday, July 16 to shed some light on AT&T's attempt to cut the healthcare benefits for over 115,000 workers and our families across the country. AT&T is a highly profitable company. They made $12.9 1billion in profits last year alone and are on track to make huge profits again this year. So, why is AT&T trying to cut our healthcare? AT&T is the largest unionized company in the world. Instead of joining CWA and being a leader for healthcare reform, they are leading an ideological fight to diminish good, union jobs. CWA has fought hard over generations to move our members into the middle class. We've sacrificed wages, deferred retirement and other benefits to protect our families with decent healthcare coverage. Even Wal-Mart has joined the battle for healthcare reform! How sick is That? Download flyer in PDF format.

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