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CWA Annual 2009 Convention & Legislative Political Conference

CWA Local 4250 representatives will participate in the CWA Annual Convention & Legislative Political Conference in Washington, DC June 21-26, 2009. Local 4250's TOP priority will be to demand that Illinois and Indiana Senators and Congressional Representatives SHOW THEIR SUPPORT FOR US in our ongoing contract negotiations with at$t Corp. at$t has the LARGEST UNIONIZED workforce in the United States and is VERY PROFITABLE yet they continue to demand unjustified "give backs" from CWA and IBEW members and retirees. In addition to requesting our Congressional Representatives support in our 4 month battle against at$t, we will also demand their support for "Rebuilding The Middle Class" issues such as, Health Care Reform, The Employee Free Choice Act and The T.R.A.D.E. Act, just to name a few.You may download CWA Fact Sheets on these items below:

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