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Don't Let AT$T Triple Workers' Health Care Costs

AT&T is trying cuts its workers' health benefits. In contract negotiations with CWA, the telecom giant has proposed huge increases in health care costs for its workers and their families - in some cases tripling what they would pay. Even though its profits continue to grow, the telecom giant is trying to use the current recession as an excuse to squeeze its workers out of the benefits they've earned. Given our nation's economic condition, a strong company like AT&T should be leading the way, showing how America can grow jobs, build communities, and achieve guaranteed health care for everyone. Write to your members of Congress and urge them to contact AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson about his company's attempts to cut our benefits. If companies like AT&T don't step up in this recession -- and instead hide behind it to squeeze their workers even more -- we will never be able to turn our economy around. But if we work together with strength, unity, and solidarity, we can reach a fair agreement that protects benefi
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