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MAY DAY 2009! - CWA at$t Corp Members & Retirees Mobilization Activity! Take ACTION TODAY!

Between now and May 8, 2009, all Local 4250 at$t Corp. Members and retirees must focus on obtaining as many letters as possible from your individual members of Congress and U.S. Senate in Illinois and Indiana. I have enclosed a list of all Congressional and U.S. Senate Representatives in the States of Illinois and Indiana.

I have included a fact sheet on the background of CWA and AT$T negotiations and a "sample letter" to Randall Stephenson, CEO of at$t Corp.

The purpose of your call to your elected member of Congress is to request they send a letter to Randall Stephenson. I suggest you ask for their fax number to send them the "sample letter" and "background of AT$T and CWA negotiations".

If your Representative agrees to send a letter, request a copy and give it to your Chief Steward ASAP! CWA also would like your representative's permission to use their names publically as we may want to collectively use their names in an ad or in some other way.

Finally, I have included a copy of an excellen

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