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"As anticipated, AILA, the American Immigration Lawyers Association is uniting with the open-borders U.S. Chamber of Commerce, US CofC, to attempt to strip the Sanders - Grassley limits on H-1B Visas found in Section 1610 of SA 730 (The Senate replacement for H.R. 1 Stimulus Bill) that passed a cloture vote by the narrowest of margins (61-36) yesterday in the U.S. Senate. In the post - vote coverage on CSPAN, one Senator let it slip that there were many phone calls yesterday regarding the proposal. Most calls opposed one or more provisions of the Senate Stimulus Bill. I have no doubt that both AILA and US CofC worked with other "open borders" groups to quietly strip E-Verify for all hired workers from the Senate version of the Stimulus Bill - another immigration provision in the Stimulus Bill that was not mentioned in this article that appears in the House version of the Stimulus." Summary by: Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D. Arlington, VA. Download article By Chris Strohm
Congress Daily in PDF format.

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