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Will H1-B Immigration Debacle Be Fixed?

"Sometimes writers and editorialists try to do the right thing, but they get
duped. The iditorial that is appearing in small newspapers like the Palo
Alto Daily News is a prime example.

The author appears to be a pro-labor liberal that probably intended well,
but he relied on a website with faulty information called BrightFutureJobs.
I could be giving the author too much credit for good will considering his
comments on Tom Tancredo (see more on that below).

To find out more about the website in question go here:

BrightFutureJobs was founded and is directed by Donna Conroy. I'm not
totally sure what her goal or purpose is, but it has something to do with
ending discrimination against Americans -- which is definitely a worthwhile
goal. Go to the website to see if you can figure what she is all about.
Most of the webpages are sprinkled with Conroy's thoughts about how H-1B
allows discriminatory employment practices -- and she doesn't let facts get
in her way!

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