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Coming To Terms With SBC! By: David Lazarus

Millions of SBC Yahoo Internet customers received e-mails this week alerting them to changes in their contract, including "legal and billing-related issues." A link from the e-mail to SBC Yahoo's terms of service produces a nearly 14,000-word document jam-packed with fine print and legalese. There's no indication anywhere as to what may or may not be new. This was a red flag for numerous SBC Yahoo customers, who contacted me wanting to know whether they should be concerned. They shouldn't be (unless, as you'll see, they're members of al Qaeda). But SBC Yahoo gets no points for helping people understand this for themselves. I started my hunt for answers by doing what many SBC Yahoo customers would do: I initiated an online chat with the customer-service department, which is in India. Download complete article in PDF format.

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