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The H-2B work visa program allows U.S. companies to bring in guest workers from abroad to do seasonal or temporary non-farm jobs that they have been unable to fill with Americans workers.
Supporters say temporary guest workers reduce illegal immigration, critics say they take jobs from Americans.
Over the past decade, federal data shows companies have requested H-2B visas for more than 1.3 million jobs, from landscape workers to hotel housekeeper, stable hands to soccer coaches. (see ranking of Top 25 Jobs below).
In order for companies to be approved for H-2B visas, they must prove that they have tried - and failed -- to find Americans and pledge to pay guest workers the "prevailing wages" of the local market. Applications are submitted to the Dept of Labor, the Dept. of Homeland Security and eventually the U.S. State Department.
We wanted to know what kinds of businesses are applying for foreign guest workers? What kind of jobs are they unable to fill with domestic workers? What do these jobs pay?
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