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H-1B Visas


EMAIL ALL N.J. ASSEMBLY MEMBERS NOW!Download pdf file containing an email from N.J. Senator Shirley K. Turner disputing the India Times report that said she "tabled the bill."...

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L-1 Visas Are Being Used to Circumvent H-1B Restrictions!

Arun C Vakil, a US Visa & Immigration Consultant States: "With the jump in IT unemployment, fewer US companies can tap the H-1B program these days since it's conditional to showing...

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BT Opens Call Centers in India!

British Telcom has joined the growing band of Western firms outsourcing to India! Two call centers, in Bangalore and Delhi, will employ 2,200 workers by 2004! This is a link to The...

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PRO-OFFSHORE & India interests have convinced New Jersey State Senator Shirley K Turner to TABLE the bill and DROP any mention of outsourcing and India in any future bill. In effec...

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3/8/03 - TAKE ACTION! Stop NJ Offshore Outsourcing

Visit the URL below and quickly generate your message to all 70 NJ Assembly Members, 40 Senators and Governor James McGreevey. ...

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3/7/03 - L-1 Visa, A Mainframe-Size Visa Loophole!

Many companies are subcontracting thousands of jobs to outsourcing companies such as Tata,Infosys Technologies and Wipro Technologies--the three largest Indian software servicing c...

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3/6/03 - American Jobs Flowing into India!

Wipro Ltd., which has U.S. headquarters in Santa Clara, Ca., employs 7,000 workers in India who answer phones at call centers, write new software, fix broken software and keep fire...

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3/6/03 - Bring State Jobs Back to America!

New Jersey Senate Bill (S1349) should be model legislation for ALL states. It's outrageous that a company can take our tax money and pay workers in INDIA low wages while American w...

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3/5/03 - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed used a J-1 Visa to Study Engineering in North Carolina!

What this Wall Street Journal article doesn't say is many J-1 visa holders are hired by companies then get their visa converted to H-1B visas. Terrorists and other aliens that mean...

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Inaugural Edition of "Local 4250 JUST-US!" - March 2003

This first edition of JUST-US was written in collaboration with CWA Local 1153 President Mary Lou Algiere from White Plains, New York. PLEASE e-mail us if you have any information ...

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