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IMPORTANT: Announcement From The Alliance!

Due to cost constraints the Alliance is discontinuing the online Registration system. Download PDF flyer for more information and also Winter 2006 schedule of classes....

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(Pilot Course) Satellite Installation Class

This 16 hours class is designed to teach you how to install satellite television using either Dish Network or DirectTV equipment. Download flyer for more information....

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(Pilot Course) Command Spanish For Retail Sales Class

A course designed to teach commonly used conversational phrases and items of business topics in Spanish through the use of phonetics. Book and C/D disc included. Download flyer ...

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(Pilot Course) Introduction To Self-Employment Class

This full-day session (about 6 hours classroom time) will explore the risks and rewards of self-employment. We'll discuss ways to get into business for your self, including fran...

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AT$T Article 43 Certification Change!

Attached is a letter from Robin Bienfait, Vice President of GNTS-Network Operations, outlining the recently-negotiated change in the incentive payment program. The new prelimina...

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Clarification**AT$T Policy on Financial Planning Seminars!

AT$T "Today" issued a correction to an August 8, 2005 item regarding their policy on financial planning seminars and workshops. Download copy of e-mail to local presidents, in P...

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12 Week Pharmacy Technician Program!

The Alliance has scheduled a 12 week pharmacy technician course, meeting 5 hours a week for 12 weeks, beginning Saturday, July 23, 2005. Download PDF flyer for more information....

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AT$T Article 43 Survey!

This survey is intended to help the Alliance understand your level of interest in the Article 43 Certification Process. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. ...

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AT$T Article 43 Certification Program Orientation!

The IDC and Network Technology job title evolved from combining the Communications Technician title with the CNRP4 job title under Article 43 of the CWA contract. As a result of...

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AT$T SURPLUS/VTP- Special Alliance/Resource Center and Principal Financial Workshop!

AT$T members affected by the April 19, 2005 AT$T Surplus/VTP Announcement may attend these workshops on Wednesday, April 27, 2005 at 10 South Canal Street, Chicago. Download PDF...

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