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WKMG CBS Channel 6 Orlando Florida - "Where Did All The Jobs Go?"

WKMG CBS Channel 6 Orlando Florida - "Where Did All The Jobs Go?" WKMG CBS Orlando H-1b/L-1 Job Replacement Story at Siemens ICN Lake, Mary, Florida

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India's finance ministry has decided to exempt multinationals with business process outsourcing (BPO) subsidiaries in India from paying tax. Download full story in PDF format....

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*Fax From Christopher W. O?Flinn, VP AT$T Employee Relations*

Sunday, April 28, 2002 � Washington, DC TO: All Members, Retirees, Activists and LNS Employees I became aware of the attached letter from Christopher W. O�Flinn...

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CWA President Morty Bahr' Letter To US Senator Fritz Hollings

April 18, 2002- CWA President Bahr wrote US Senator Fritz Hollings advising him of CWAs concerns regarding AT$Ts abuse of the H-1B Visa System and of AT$Ts plans to move its engin...

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**VIEW** Public Service Announcement NBC Refused to Air **

CWA Locals 4250 and 4998 produced this (30)thirty-second public service announcement regarding AT$T�s training of foreign nationals and its potential threat to Homeland Security....

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Homeland Security Continues To Be At Risk Due to Corporate GREED!

  March 12, 2015 CWA Local 4250/CTU#16 President Emeritus...

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Dubai Deal Just the Beginning! By: Leo Hindery Jr.

A disturbing new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office shows that Uncle Sam is joining many Fortune 500 companies in the offshoring act. GAO auditors found that in ...

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Offshore Humor?...

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*H1-B Outsourcing Song "Lap of Luxury" By Complex Numbers*

Outsourcing H1-B Visa song for downloading and distribution for all anti-offshore outsourcing activists. Recommend you RIGHT CLICK, Save to your Desktop, Open and Play. ...

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**U. S. House of Representatives "Friends of India Caucus"**

The largest caucus of its kind in the U. S. Congress was formed in 1993. One of their objectives is to push India's economic agenda on the hill. Click on to check if your Congressp...

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