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The Significance of Why CWA Members Wear Red on Thursdays!


The Significance of Red on Thursday

What every member should know:

In 1989, CWA Local 1400 along with our union brothers and sisters in New York were on strike. One of the New York members from CWA Local 1103 walking the picket line was Chief Union Steward, E. Gerald Horgan, 29 years ago this August 15th, Gerry Horgan was killed from injuries he sustained when he was run down by a "scab" as he walked a picket line while striking for health care benefits. The driver of the vehicle which killed him was a manager's daughter acting as a "scab" during the strike. As she approached the picket line, she accidentally accelerated her vehicle, and struck Gerry Horgan.

He is the only CWA member in history to be killed on a picket line. Typical of Gerry Horgan, the picket line he was on was not his own. The Members on another line needed some additional help and asked Gerry to provide that help. At the time of his death Gerry Horgan was only 34 years old. He was a dedicated family man, and very active in his community. He was the Chief of the Valley Cottage Volunteer Fire Department and a member of the Central Nyack Volunteer Fire Department. He developed and was Team Leader of the Mountain Rescue Squad of Rockland County, New York. The Squad's primary responsibility is for rescuing people who fall or get trapped on the sheer cliffs of the Palisades. Gerry Horgan was also a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

When Gerry was killed he left behind two children, Christine who was 2 1/2 and Danielle who was just 7 months. They are now coming of age where they can understand who their father was and what he stood for. We want them to know that their father's sacrifice was not in vain and is still appreciated by the people he died fighting for.

So Why Red? Why Thursday? Thursday, because it is the day on which this tragedy occurred and red to symbolize the tragedy itself. Even though this tragedy occurred years ago, the Queens New York Local 1103 and CWA still support Gerry and his family!

So, as you look for something to wear on Thursday, August 2, 2018, show your support to your union and remember your fallen union brother in New York, and wear RED!

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY isn't about showing disrespect for Managers or being anti-management.

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is about supporting the Union in the contract negotiation process.

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is having a voice in that process.

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is protecting your job and your wages from being reclassified into a lesser status.

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is saying the tuition reimbursement plan is important to you for your personal growth and development.

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is supporting families and working hours that are conducive to the family unit.

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY isn't anti-management, it is pro-community. It is having a strong contract, so we can live together as families without having to live in fear that one day our job will be replaced and eliminated. And its s about supporting your local economy.

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is being proactive during this process so we don't have to be reactive.

For all these reasons and more, support your local Union and yourself!     


MUST WATCH VIDEO: "This is the story of CWA Chief Steward E Gerald “Gerry” Horgan. Gerry died on Aug 15, 1989 from injuries sustained after being struck by a car, driven by a scab, while walking the picket line. On strike against the NYNEX Corporation fighting for medical benefits Gerry was the only CWA Member ever killed on a picket line. He was 34 years old." Producer, Director, Susan Macaluso with the assistance of Murdock Communications, Inc. and the men and women of CWA, Local 1103. :






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