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2017 Annual Healthcare Enrollment "Correction Periods" Enroll in or Change Coverages Elected

AT&T Benefits Labor Support HR Labor Notice

October 19, 2017

Subject: 2017 Annual Enrollment Correction Periods – Enroll in or Change Coverages Elected


Labor Relations: All regions


To inform participants about a change to the standard administration of the AT&T Benefits Center

during 2018 Annual Enrollment.


Based on significant benefit changes for multiple populations, we’ve seen higher than average call

volume into the AT&T Benefits Center and the volume of appointments scheduled online for callbacks.

As a result, AT&T is communicating additional time for employees and retirees to complete their annual

enrollment or make changes to their 2018 benefits elected.


There is a standard twoweek correction period immediately following the close of the regularly scheduled enrollment period to permit changes to be made when participants contact the AT&T Benefit Center to correct errors in Annual Enrollment.

For 2018 Annual Enrollment, we are leaving the enrollment “tile” and new scheduling tool

“tile” on the AT&T Benefits Center landing page, to ensure participants can easily find and

utilize the online resources, as needed, to make their elections or change elections without

needing to call the AT&T Benefits Center.

There will be a reminder about the AE correction periods in the “AE is almost over” email sent to active bargained participants on the Wednesday before the enrollment wave ends.

Messaging will be incorporated into the call tree of the AT&T Benefits Center telephone

number to communicate the additional twoweek timeframe and refer to online resources.

If there are extenuating circumstances, the AT&T Benefits Center will work with participants

after annual enrollment ends, on an as needed basis, to makes changes through 12/31/2017.

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