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Randall Stephenson, CEO
208 South Akard Street
Dallas, TX 75202

September 26, 2017

Dear Mr. Stephenson,

I am writing to you today because I am increasingly concerned about the ongoing AT&T contract dispute with 21,000 wireless workers who are members of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) across the country.

In Illinois, the reduction in the number of AT&T Mobility workers in Illinois from 1000+ workers to fewer than 100 and the outsourcing of those jobs to offshore vendors has left remaining employees understandably concerned about the long-term stability of their jobs, Now more than ever, they need a fair contract.

I believe that workers deserve access to healthcare, fair scheduling, and good pay and benefits. I also support their rights to collectively bargain and engage in good faith negotiations, and I urge you to come together with CWA around these core issues to reach a fair contract.

I urge you to reconsider your bargaining position and work with the CWA to reach a fair contract that gives them the tools they need to continue providing high quality service to consumers.

Thank you for your consideration.

JB Pritzker

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