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Sunday May 1, 2016: Illinois Labor History Society Haymarket Memorial Event at 12 PM MAY DAY MARCH AND RALLY! JOBS with JUSTICE

It's the 10th anniversary of massive mobilizations to fight attacks on immigrant workers, and now in the 2016 presidential race, we are seeing candidates like Trump, once again try to blame immigrant workers for the failures of our economy.  It's time to fight back! We can see clearly in the candidacy of Trump that the forces that attack immigrant workers are also hostile to unions, women, and all people of color.  It's time to stand united against hate and stand together in solidarity.  Sunday May 1st: Illinois Labor History Society Haymarket Memorial event at 12 PM (Randolph and Des Plaines) or gather at Union Park at 1 PM. The march will start at Union Park at 2 PM and will end at Trump Tower (Wacker and Wabash)! To join the planning or for more information, contact Susan Hurley at [email protected]

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