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Jun 8, 2015 Communications Workers of America Elect New National and District Leaders


 Updated 6/9/2015 9:37am

Christopher Shelton was elected the new president of the Communications Workers of America by acclamation of delegates to the union’s 75th convention

Sara Steffens was elected CWA secretary-treasurer.

Brooks Sunkett was re-elected vice president of the Public, Health Care and Education Workers sector.

Lisa Bolton was elected vice president of the Telecommunications and Technology sector.

Delegates also elected four at-large diversity members of the Executive Board:

Carolyn Wade, re-elected for the Northeast region; Vera Mikell elected for the Southeast region; Anetra Session elected for the Central region, and Frank Arce elected for the Western region.

In Districts 1 (New Jersey, New York and New England), delegates elected Dennis Trainor as vice president.

In District 3 (Southeast) delegates elected Richard Honeycutt as vice president

For District 2-13 (mid-Atlantic), District 4 (Midwest) and District 6 (Southwest), delegates re-elected Vice Presidents

Ed Mooney, Linda Hinton and Claude Cummings.

In District 7 (Plains, Mountain states and Northwest), delegates elected Brenda Roberts.

In District 9 (California, Nevada and Hawaii), delegates elected Tom Runnion

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