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Apr 17, 2015

On Wednesday, April 15th, CWA members staged a successful rally at AT&T Headquarters in Dallas in support of the Legacy T and District 4 brothers and sisters who are currently working without a Contract. The Rally was organized by CWA District 6 and Local 6150 and supported by Locals 6215 and 6201. Supporters marched the streets shouting for better wages, better healthcare and urging AT&T to bring jobs back to the US. The Rally was attended by numerous other CWA Local Officers and Staff in District 6, as well as CWA Secretary-Treasurer Annie Hill, who was in Dallas to address a Leadership Training conference.

District 6 Vice President Claude Cummings gave a speech to update the crowd and urge AT&T to negotiate a fair contract that addresses a wage increase, rising health care costs, job security and more training for the 2020 Vision. In attendance were AFL-CIO affiliates representing USPS, Teachers, Steel Workers, NAACP and workers Fight for Fairness at Walmart. A local Pastor was on hand to pray for our CWA brothers and sisters of Legacy T and the Midwest.

The Union representing Postal Workers gave a speech to update us that their contracts are soon expiring and will be doing future rallies. The Steel Workers informed us that there are brothers and sisters currently on strike in SE Texas. The Walmart workers updated us on their fight for a minimum wage increase and future rallies in support of their effort.  It was clear to everyone that these fights are all connected and it is time for some fairness for working people and not just billions for the super rich.

Click here to view photos of Mobilization activities being held from coast to coast.

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