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Locals have been directed by Vice President Bates to conduct a Strike Authorization Vote.  What is this and what does it mean?

The CWA Constitution requires this before a strike can be called.  Members of CWA working under contracts with AT&T vote to authorize the CWA Executive Board to actually call a strike should this become necessary.  Members voice their wishes, which than can be acted on by the Board.  Each Local conducts a vote of their membership.  These are turned into Vice President Bate’s office.  A final result is than announced to the membership.  AT&T management is also made aware of the numbers.

A strong Strike Authorization vote lets AT&T management know members are ready to do what it takes to get a good contract.  It gives the Union bargainers the support they need at the bargaining table when AT&T is resistant to our demands.  Without a strong strike vote we are sending bargainers to send a job without the necessary tool.  A weak vote is a signal to AT&T management that we are willing to take whatever they give us.

Does a strong Strike Vote increase the chance we will actually go on strike?

No, a strong strike vote is one important element in bargaining with AT&T.  Another tool which helps us get the best contract we can is a strong mobilization effort.  Your mobilization is a clear signal to AT&T management that YOU understand the issues, you are in support of the Union and willing to act to show that support.  Strong mobilization is often an effective way to avoid a strike.  Another important aspect of mobilization is obtaining public support, including legislators, community groups and customers.

Remember, in the event of a strike, members performing their assigned strike duty receive $200.00 weekly allowance after the 14th day of the strike and $300.00 per week beginning the 29th day of the strike from the Members Relief Fund (MRF) if a DFR-1 Form is on file with the Local 4250 Secretary-Treasurer.  (Please see Vice President Chapman, Chief Steward Straz or contact Secretary – Treasurer Slimko for this form)

What are the issues for a good contract?

We have seen AT&T continue to destroy good jobs.  They sub contract out OUR work at home and abroad.  They give OUR work to managers.  While they prepare their managers for the 2020 jobs, they have not prepared our members.  At the bargaining table, they demand that we pay for an even larger share of our medical benefits, freeze our pensions (with NO pension for new hires, only 401Ks), cut disability and sick pay; eliminate the JOB OFFER GUARANTEE (JOG) and more.  We must be able to secure a future for our members in this round of bargaining.  Send a clear message to AT&T casting an overwhelming STRIKE VOTE.

By casting a strong STRIKE AUTHORIZATION VOTE you will be telling AT&T management we are “Fighting for Fairness”.  You will giving your CWA bargaining team the additional strength they need when they negotiate your future and your contract.

Strike Authorization Voting Instructions

Place your strike authorization vote ballot in the “Secret Ballot” envelope and seal.

Place your sealed secret ballot envelope in the postage paid return envelope addressed to:  CWA Local 4250, PO BOX 365, Lansing, IL 60438

Don’t forget to PRINT your Name, Address and Signature on the front of the return envelope.  Your strike authorization vote ballot must be in the Local 4250 Post Office Box, NO LATER THAN Monday, MARCH 30, 2015 at Noon.

In Strength and Solidarity
Liz VanDerWoude President, CWA Local 4250

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