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The Broadband Bulletin: This Week In Telecom Policy News March 16, 2015

CWA and the NAACP urged the FCC to deny DISH’s attempt to qualify for $3 billion in “small business” taxpayer subsidies during the recent spectrum auction.The Rural Broadband Association’s new report explains why wireless Broadband is not a viable substitute for wireline broadband. The FCC released the 400 page Open Internet rules. Last year, 3 million new broadband users signed up, the majority with cable companies and the rest mostly with AT&T and Verizon. And, a well-known tech analyst says that Google Fiber has only signed up about 30,000 video customers. Read it all here.

CWA, NAACP Challenge DISH Abuse of FCC Small and Minority Business Rules
CWA and the NAACP are challenging DISH Network’s manipulation of the FCC’s “small and minority-owned business rules” that enabled DISH to grab $3.25 billion from the FCC spectrum auction. Read More »

Landlines. Accept no Substitutes.
“Most consumers and policymakers view mobile broadband connections as being complementary, rather than a replacement for, wireline broadband connections,” wrote NTCA. Read More »

FCC Releases Open Internet Rules
This week the FCC released the full 400 page Report And Order detailing the new Open Internet rules. Read More »

Cable giants still adding new broadband users
In 2014, 3 million new broadband users signed up: 2.7 million with cable firms and the rest mostly with AT&T and Verizon. Read More »

Google Fiber: Killer Rabbit or Tiny Bunny?
Analyst Craig Moffett wrote, “Google Fiber is a bit like Ebola: very scary and something to be taken seriously. [However] it gets more press attention than it deserves.” Read More »


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