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March 8, 2015, Today is International Women's Day!

Let's celebrate the many women who have made their mark in history, particularly labor history, and find inspiration from them to do what is necessary to make life better for women today. Click here to read the stories of some of CLUW's founding leaders who were so ahead of their time in fighting for the needs of working women.  
Join us in supporting these current issues:

Equal Pay: Help us pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, soon to be introduced in the 114th Congress.

 Raise the Minimum Wage: Two thirds of minimum wage workers are women. Find information by state here. Read more here.

 Paid Leave: 43 million private sector workers have to choose between keeping their paychecks or caring for their health because they don’t have paid sick days.  Support the Healthy Families Act and get involved in local campaigns.

 Pregnant Workers Fairness: Pregnant workers still face discrimination on the job. Learn about the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

 Reproductive Rights: CLUW has always supported reproductive rights and all women’s rights. Find out how a women’s right to choose is being treated by your state by clicking here.

 Contact your local CLUW chapter to get involved.

 Check out CLUW's website for an International Women’s Day video and more information.

 Thank you.

 In Solidarity,

 Connie A. Leak,President


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