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CWA Unified Council of Illinois Has Endorsed The Following In The Upcoming 2015 Chicago Elections

The CWA Unified Council of Illinois Has Endorsed The Following In The Upcoming 2015 Chicago Elections:

January 26, 2015

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia
Mayor of Chicago

Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia announced that he was running for Mayor of Chicago on October 27. His supporters include residents from all areas of the city and Karen Lewis, the leader of Chicago’s Teacher’s Union, who had planned to run for Mayor but was sidetracked by illness. He’s been a Chicago alderman, a state senator and, in 2009, was elected to the Cook County Board of Commissioners, which allocates the county’s $3.5 billion budget. County Board President Toni Preckwinkle lost no time naming him her floor leader to help with her drive to enact a reform agenda. As floor leader, Garcia successfully urged his colleagues to roll back an excessive one percent county sales tax imposed under former board President Todd Stroger—“The hated Stroger sales tax,” Garcia recalls with a smile. Last year, Garcia resisted pressure from a small army of real estate lobbyists and passed a ban on their refusing to rent homes to people who rely on federally funded housing choice vouchers, including low income families, veterans, the disabled and others. This had become the practice of some suburban landlords. Garcia also sponsored an ordinance that stopped county officials from cooperating with a Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs program that was identifying people accused of minor offenses who were suspected of being undocumented immigrants.

Anne Shaw
1st Ward Alderwoman

Ms. Shaw is a Civil Rights Attorney. Anne has spent her legal career fighting on behalf of working people in Chicago. She’s represented a number of plaintiffs in work place discrimination suits and other workplace issues. Ms. Shaw is running against incumbent Alderman Joe Moreno in Chicago’s 1st Ward. Moreno, a Democrat, has been a strong supporter of Mayor Emanuel. Many Chicago Progressives, Labor and Social Justice groups view Emanuel as the Mayor of the 1% for his fight against the Chicago’s Teachers Union and other public sector Unions.

Susan Sadlowski Garza
10th Ward Alderwoman

Susan is a lifelong resident of the 10th Ward and has worked in Chicago Public Schools for 20 years. She is the daughter of rank and file union leader, Ed Sadlowski. Susan is currently serving as the Area Vice-President of the Chicago Teachers Union. She is in charge of 69 schools, which includes ALL of the schools in the 10th Ward. She is also the current counselor at Jane Addams Elementary. Susan has worked with thousands of families throughout the 10th Ward to create award winning after school programs, such as “Safe-Kids” and “Bully Patrol.” She has worked tirelessly with students and teachers from every school within the 10th Ward. Susan is also a member of “Communities in Schools,” a citywide program that serves at-risk youth. Susan has served on the board of the Hegewisch Community Committee for 15 years. Within the organization she has served as the Program Director and has provided services to hundreds of 10th Ward residents. She is a member of the East-Side Pride, and has been instrumental in the fight against pollutants in our neighborhood. Sue's long career in activism is strongly rooted in her belief that together, we can change this city. She believes our ward needs a true leader, someone who is not afraid to say no to the corporations who have used our community as a dumping ground.

Jorge Mujica
25th Ward Alderman

Jorge Mujica is a former member and organizer of both NABET-CWA Local 54041 and Chicago Newspaper Guild (TNG-CWA 34071). He helped NABET-CWA Local 54041 organize bargaining units at the Telemundo and Univision stations in Chicago. Jorge is also a long time community activist, and has fought on behalf of working families and  immigrants in Chicago. Jorge is running against incumbent Alderman Danny Solis, for Chicago’s 25th Ward.

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