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Illinois AFL-CIO Legislative Update

The Illinois General Assembly has completed its business for the 2013 Spring session. Several bills were left unresolved on
May 31, they include: Gaming (SB 1739), Constitutional pension reform (SB 2404), back pay for many state employees that
was court ordered (HB 212 & SB 2587), responsible bidder (HB 924), and marriage equality (SB 10).
The Illinois House and Senate did manage to pass a conceal/carry bill, HB 183, prior to the June 9th court mandated deadline.
Also, SB 26 passed, which is a bill to implement the Obamacare/Medicaid changes in Illinois. Lastly, SB 1329 was passed
for implementation of the FY14 budget. It contains privatization language for a ?Forever Green? grant program through the
Department of Agriculture. It is something that several unions will want to monitor as it goes through the Joint Committee
on Administrative Rules (JCAR).

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