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AT$T's Exorbitant Increases To Current Retirees' Medical Plan

Attached you will see an explanation for the exorbitant increases to the Current Retiree Medical Plan. A link at the bottom of the page will take you to a document put out by a retiree advocate group providing additional information regarding AT&T's claim that the reason the Company implemented the 2013 rates is due to the Affordable Care Act.

CWA believes the company should have done more for retirees. That after a banner
year, with healthy profits, and significant dividends for shareholders, the corporation
could have done much more to assure that the former employees who built the company
would have a quality, affordable health plan.
We encourage retirees to express their views on the status of their health plans directly
to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson at the address below:
Randall L. Stephenson
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
AT&T Corporation
208 South Akard Street
Dallas, Texas 75202-4206

In Unity There Is Strength:

Liz VanDerWoude, President
CWA Local 4250

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