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Infosys Faces New Visa Fraud Allegation

The Indian offshoring giant Infosys ran a "full-throated campaign of retaliation" against employees to deter them from cooperating with federal authorities investigating visa fraud, according to a new lawsuit.
This allegation is made in court papers by a former Infosys employee, Satya Dev Tripuraneni, who claims he was punished after raising concerns about the company's visa practices. He later met with a federal agent and filed a whistleblower complaint with federal authorities.
If Tripuraneni's complaint sounds familiar, it should. This is the second lawsuit filed against Infosys by an employee claiming he was harassed after raising concerns about the company's visa practices.
Jay Palmer, an Infosys employee, filed a lawsuit last year alleging harassment, including threats, after he refused to help the company get B-1 visas, a business visitor visa, for work requiring an H-1B work visa.
Palmer's allegation drew the attention of federal investigators. The government doesn't comment on investigations, but
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