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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #72

District 4 and Legacy T both have an agreement ?in concept? with the Company on the 2012 Agreement. Issues have been worked out in subcommittee but still need to be finalized on the record at the Bargaining Table. Assuming that happens, we will send out more details as soon as they are available, and contract explanation meetings will be held with the Local Presidents. Of course, any tentative agreement at that table still needs to be ratified by the membership.
Both tables were able to resolve most of our particular ?local? issues more than a week ago, but we have been working very hard since then to get every last dollar we could out of the economic package. We are convinced that our members will be better off at the end of this agreement than they are today and that we made real progress in many areas of the agreement.
Look for more details over the weekend.
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