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AT$T Members: Want To Pay $3,800 More For Health Care?

Have a spare $3,800 lying around?

Most Americans don't. And at AT&T, $3,800 amounts to more than 12% of some workers' annual pay.

As negotiations continue across CWA's AT&T bargaining units, one thing is clear: Despite enormous profits, AT&T intends to shift massive amounts of health care costs onto workers.

CWA has tried to get AT&T to look at health care costs in a new light: to address the bigger problem of rising health care costs with proven strategies for keeping costs down, like wellness initiatives. But AT&T hasn't been willing to do that.

They're also not willing to stop at $3,800. The company is asking for the right to increase costs whenever they like. These continued shifts will devastate AT&T workers' families.

Please, take action to stop these cost shifts NOW. Click here to send an electronic postcard to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and VP of Labor Relations Mark Royce. Let them know these cost shifts are a sick idea coming from such a healthy company -- and that we'll do WHATEVER

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