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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #44

Bargaining Report 44 Legacy T May 8, 2012
At the table today the Company rejected our proposals to improve the termination pay Articles 39, 43, 44 and 45. Although they had agreed to keep the termination pay the same for those covered under Article 25, we continue to push improvement for those with different termination schedules. They also rejected our demand to give the ?expense allowance? to those employees currently not covered in Article 36 and proposed to carry forward that Article with no changes. They also resubmitted their proposal on Holidays and Part Time employees.
An improvement was presented by the Company for those under Article 45 which, under the previous Contract only got ECO but no other ATTOP options. They will now get all of ATTOP ?like the Special Leave Plan (SLP), Optional Term Pay (OTP) and Transitional Leave of Absence (TLA). Finally, they made some movement on Article 43. Under the current call-in language employees only get time spent traveling TO the work location. The company a
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