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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #41

Bargaining Report 41 Legacy T May 3, 2012
Our full Bargaining Team met with the company this afternoon. The Company withdrew its proposal to cut termination pay and gut our electronic monitoring language. The Union presented proposals on wages and health care.
Bargaining will continue tomorrow at both the full table and in sub-committees.
Prior to our session today, the whole team joined about 30 others at a lively rally at the Verizon store nearby. Picketing and other actions took place all over the country for Verizon Action Day to coincide with their Shareholders Meeting and the action taking place there. We know AT&T?s leadership is paying close attention to what happens at Verizon bargaining and it is crucial that we support each others? fights.
It is also important that our own activity on the job escalates. We need to let AT&T know that no matter how long this takes, our members are willing to do whatever is necessary to support the Bargaining Team and win a fair contract.
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