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Ralph Maly, CWA Vice President for Telecommunications and Technologies, At The AT&T Annual Meeting April 27, 2012 In Salt Lake City

This is the statement made by Ralph Maly, CWA Vice President for Telecommunications and Technologies at the AT&T Annual Meeting, April 27, 2012 in Salt Lake City
Good morning Mr., Chairman and Shareholders, I?m Ralph Maly, vice president of the Communications Workers of America representing about 150,000 workers at AT&T nationwide.
Today, I?d like to address some very serious concerns our members have in our contract bargaining with AT&T. Right now, about 40,000 workers are bargaining for new contracts at AT&T East, Midwest, West and my own unit, Legacy ?T?. Other contracts will come up later this year and next.
Negotiations are often difficult. But what greatly concerns our CWA members about these negotiations is that despite AT&T?s continued success and profitability, despite its position as the nation?s biggest telecommunications company and the Top 10 ranking among U.S. companies overall, members are being told they must sacrifice more.
AT&T?s bargaining demands have included more and massive health
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