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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #37

Bargaining Report #37 - April 19, 2012
There is nothing new to report. Since the last health care proposal was from the Company, it is now up to our Union to pass a response. The Company?s last proposal did move a slight bit. It lowered the premiums a little bit, but it still contained an increase from the18% cost share we pay now to a 25% cost share this year, rising to 28% in 2014 and29% in 2014. So you ask, how do they lower the premiums if they are raising cost share? They do it by raising deductibles from $350 for an individual to $1600 and from $700 for a family to $3200. That means for anything but preventive care, you have to pay the full deductible before the plan pays a penny! They save money because that will keep you from going to the doctor at all. They are also pushing for a MUCH worse plan for new hires.
This is unacceptable for our members. Our team is working on a response, in coordination with the other bargaining tables.
In addition, we are still far apart on many other issues: employmen
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