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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #36

Bargaining Report #36 - April 17, 2012
The Company came to the Bargaining Table today to reject our last proposal on Health Care and present one that still has our members increasing the cost share from the current 18% to 25% in 2013, 28% in 2014 and 29% in 2015. You also need to remember that the overall cost of Medical Care for AT&T?s employees is going about 5% a year. Even if we stayed even at 18% cost share, there would be an increase in the costs for our members every year. The Company?s proposal will raise our members? cost in premiums and deductibles to a level that many could not afford to go to the doctor.
We also passed proposals back and forth on wages, with both sides sticking to their last proposals. The Company?s meager increase would not come close to helping to pay for the increase in Medical costs they want us to pick up.
That?s why your bargaining team is joining with others around the country in demonstrations demanding that the rich pay their fair share of taxes. We will be making the
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