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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Mobilization Report #6

We did not meet with the Company today so there is no new Bargaining Report. This Mobilization Report was compiled by Shari Wojtowicz, Local 7250, our National Mobilization Coordinator.
Mobilization Report #6 Legacy T
As the contract expired April 7 , members around the country prepared for a Midnight Strike. When the word came down from the bargaining team that we will continue to work without a contract while negotiations continue; MOBILIZATION PHASE 3 kicked into action.
AT&T remains one of the greediest companies who has proven with it?s continued mass layoffs and by sending good middle class jobs off shore to other countries; that they don?t care about workers, our families, our communities or the economic stability of this country.
We are fighting for the American Dream, and AT&T with it?s $20 Billion in profits last year, is trying to increase those profit margins with retrogressions setting employees back decades and reneging on the promise of retiree protections.
Vice President Ralph Maly i
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