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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #31

Bargaining Report 31 Legacy T April 8, 2012
Your Bargaining Team met with the company until 2:00 AM this morning. The Company said they were very ?disappointed? we didn?t move further on Health Care. We responded that we were also disappointed they have not moved on ONE issue that is important to our Union AND they are still looking for huge contributions from our members on absence, maybe a little less huge than their first proposal, but still huge. In addition they still have takeaways on the table on job security, absence, pensions, double-time and more.
We met again this afternoon. We would have preferred not to meet on Easter Sunday but we felt it was important to send a strong message to the Company that we are here to bargain and we will make them meet and discuss our issues. We received one proposal from the Company on Alliance funding and spent the rest of our meeting in discussions about outstanding Local issues that effect the Legacy T unit.
Until the Company responds on our key issues ? employm
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